Mega-Watt Or Nine-Volt

Chargers are coming to Miami with one of the most high-powered offense in the game and a quarterback in Philip Rivers that doesn't have quit in him. The Dolphins will not be able to skate by this week with an incomplete game. Either they will step forward and proclaim themselves a team to be reckoned with or wallow in mediocrity.


Be Water

4-3: it’s an above average number to have at this juncture of the season. It makes you feel alright – like the second half of the season can lead to the playoffs.  Some might say ‘we won, be happy and don’t over analyze’! I’ve been a Fin Fan since 78’, so my Miami love is […]

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Out Of Town Beat down

  Miami won 27-14 by taking it to them and jamming it down their throats in all phases of the game. We are now “even Steven” and with a very winnable game against Jacksonville on the horizon.  It was art watching Wake and crew pass rush Culter into the next coming of Jeff George and […]

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The Root Of A Loss

  Defeat, as oddly as it sounds is like a good stew, it might have a little of this and a little of that, but it always has one main ingredient. So what caused our defeat last week against Green Bay? Does it matter going forward? If it does, what was the source? Some have […]

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Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins

This One Hurt

This one hurt. I’ve been a Fin Fan for over three decades and have built a thick skin in the process. Since the playoff loss to the Ravens I demanded of myself, “They ain’t gonna’ get me again”. They got me…again. I believed and this one hurt. I’m not of the mind that this was a […]

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